Accepted papers

Invited paper



Michael Nelson and Herbert Van De Sompel

D-Lib Magazine pioneered Web-based Scholarly Communication

Research papers



Malte Ostendorff, Till Blume, Terry Ruas, Bela Gipp and Georg Rehm

Specialized Document Embeddings for Aspect-based Similarity of Research Papers

Jing Ren, Yajie Shi, Adrian Shatte, Xiangjie Kong and Feng Xia

The Significance and Impact of Winning an Academic Award: A Study of Early Career Academics

Shan Liu, Hongkan Chen and Yi Bu

Comparing different perspectives of characterizing interdisciplinarity of scientific publications: Author vs. publication perspectives

Helge Holzmann, Nick Ruest, Jefferson Bailey, Alex Dempsey, Samantha Fritz, Peggy Lee and Ian Milligan

★ ABCDEF - The 6 key features behind scalable, multi-tenant web archive processing with ARCH: Archive, Big Data, Concurrent, Distributed, Efficient, Flexible

Yunqi Li, Hanxiong Chen, Juntao Tan and Yongfeng Zhang

Causal Factorization Machine for Robust Recommendation

Arthur Brack, Anett Hoppe, Pascal Buschermöhle and Ralph Ewerth

★ Cross-Domain Multi-Task Learning for Sequential Sentence Classification in Research Papers

Sumanta Kashyapi and Laura Dietz

★ Query-specific Subtopic Clustering

Hermann Kroll, Jan Pirklbauer, Florian Plötzky and Wolf-Tilo Balke

A Library Perspective on Nearly-Unsupervised Information Extraction Workflows in Digital Libraries

Philipp Scharpf, Moritz Schubotz and Bela Gipp

Mining Mathematical Documents for Question Answering via Unsupervised Formula Labeling

Jiqun Liu and Chirag Shah

★ Leveraging User Interaction Signals and Task State Information in Adaptively Optimizing Usefulness-Oriented Search Sessions

Prajjwal Bhattarai, Mohammad Ghassemi and Tuka Alhanai

★ Open-source Code Repository Attributes Predict Impact of Computer Science Research

Hermann Kroll, Florian Plötzky, Jan Pirklbauer and Wolf-Tilo Balke

What a Publication Tells You – Benefits of Narrative Information Access in Digital Libraries

Yuerong Hu, Zoe LeBlanc, Jana Diesner, Ted Underwood, Glen Worthey and J. Stephen Downie

Complexities Associated with User-generated Book Reviews in Digital Libraries: Temporal, Cultural, and Political Case Studies

Dwaipayan Roy, Zeljko Carevic and Philipp Mayr

Studying Retrievability of Publications and Datasets in an Integrated Retrieval System

David Krieger, Timo Spinde, Terry Ruas, Juhi Kulshrestha and Bela Gipp

A Domain-adaptive Pre-training Approach for Language Bias Detection in News

Carolin Keller, Tamara Heck and Marc Rittberger

★ Is one source enough? The effects of literature databases on the outcomes of systematic reviews

Martin Klein, Lyudmila Balakireva, Karolina Holub, Drazenko Celjak and Ingeborg Rudomino

★ Investigating Bloom Filters for Web Archives Holdings

Gustavo Fernandes and Pedro Vaz-de-Melo

Between Acceptance and Rejection: Challenges for an Automatic Peer Review Process

Yasith Jayawardana, Vikas G. Ashok and Sampath Jayarathna

StreamingHub: Interactive Stream Analysis Workflows

Sandeep Kumar, Hardik Arora, Tirthankar Ghosal and Asif Ekbal

★ DeepASPeer: Towards an Aspect-level Sentiment Controllable Framework for Decision Prediction in Peer Reviews

Sotaro Takeshita, Tommaso Green, Niklas Friedrich, Kai Eckert and Simone Paolo Ponzetto

X-SCITLDR: Cross-Lingual Extreme Summarization of Scholarly Documents

Yusra Shakeel, Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake

Altmetrics and Citation Counts: An Empirical Analysis of the Computer Science Domain

Chifumi Nishioka, Michael Färber and Tarek Saier

The Influence of Author Affiliations on Preprint Citation Count

Doctoral Consortium



Luiz Barboza

 Thesis Plan: The Effect of Data Science Teaching for non-STEM students

Sameh Frihat

Context-sensitive, personalized search at the Point of Care

Inês Koch

Integration of models for linked data in cultural heritage and contributions to the FAIR principles

Yuerong Hu

Synthesizing Digital Libraries and Digital Humanities Perspectives for Illuminating Under-investigated Complexities associated with User-generated Book Reviews

Bipasha Banerjee

Opening scholarly documents through text analytics

Late breaking papers



Matthew Yang, Siwen Yang and Jimmy Lin

Integration of Text and Geospatial Search for Hydrographic Datasets Using the Lucene Search Library

Corinna Breitinger, Kay Herklotz, Tim Flegelskamp and Norman Meuschke

Recommending Research Papers to Chemists: A Specialized Interface for Chemical Entity Exploration

Christin Katharina Kreutz, Martin Blum and Ralf Schenkel

SchenQL: A query language for bibliographic data with aggregations and domain-specific functions

Shaurya Rohatgi, Douglas Downey, Daniel King and Sergey Feldman

S2AMP: A High-Coverage Dataset of Scholarly Mentorship Inferred from Publications

Yinlin Chen

DevOps Practices in Digital Library Development

Allard Oelen, Markus Stocker and Sören Auer

TinyGenius: Intertwining Natural Language Processing with Microtask Crowdsourcing for Scholarly Knowledge Graph Creation

Orland Hoeber and Dale Storie

Information Seeking within Academic Digital Libraries: A Survey of Graduate Student Search Strategies

Qian Wu, Chei Sian Lee and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh

Asking for Help in Community Question-Answering: The Goal-Framing Effect of Question Expression on Response Networks

Piotr Rychlik, Małgorzata Marciniak and Agnieszka Mykowiecka

TermoPL – a tool for extracting and clustering domain related terms

Lozana Rossenova, Zoe Schubert, Richard Vock, Lucia Sohmen, Lukas Günther, Paul Duchesne and Ina Blümel

Collaborative annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: A FOSS toolchain

Masaya Ohagi and Akiko Aizawa

Pre-trained Transformer-Based Citation Context-Aware Citation Network Embeddings

Sourav Saha, Dwaipayan Roy and Mandar Mitra

On Modifying Evaluation Measures to Deal with Ties in Ranked Lists

Allen Riddell

Reliable Editions from Unreliable Components: Estimating Ebooks from Print Editions Using Profile Hidden Markov Models

Janete Saldanha Bach, Claus-Peter Klas and Peter Mutschke

The hurdles of current data citation practices and the adding-value of providing PIDs below study level

Tyler Brown and Jiqun Liu

A Reference Dependence Approach to Enhancing Early Prediction of Session Behavior and Satisfaction

Zeyd Boukhers and Azeddine Bouabdallah

Vision and Natural Language for Metadata Extraction from PDF Documents: A Multimodal Approach

Thanasis Vergoulis, Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Kleanthis Vichos, Ilias Kanellos, Andrea Mannocci, Natalia Manola and Paolo Manghi

[Anonymous-Service]: A Service to Facilitate Fair Researcher Assessment

Bhanuka Mahanama, Lyudmila Balakireva, Sampath Jayarathna, Michael Nelson and Martin Klein

Memento Validator: A toolset for Memento compliance testing

Ming Jiang, Ryan C. Dubnicek, Glen Worthey, Ted Underwood and J. Stephen Downie

A Prototype Gutenberg-HathiTrust Sentence-level Parallel Corpus for OCR Error Analysis: Pilot Investigations

Xin Wei, Jian Wu, Kehinde Ajayi and Diane Oyen

Visual Descriptor Extraction from Patent Figure Captions: A Case Study of Data Efficiency Between BiLSTM and Transformer

Kamal Kaushik, Tirthankar Ghosal and Valia Kordoni

HedgePeer: A Dataset for Uncertainty Detection in Peer Reviews